Document Digitization Service

Document Management System Service

Increase efficiency on your organization or company incorporating document consultation and management tools with the document digitization service

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How it works?

Clasification and depuration

Documents are structured and classified in a simple way. A strict verification of its status is carried out to purge and repair any element that obstaculize their correct digitization (staples, clips, etc).


Documents are digitized according to the consultation standards. If it so required will be digitized with high speed scanners or flatbed scanners to preserve its lifespan.

Quality control

Physical and digital validation of documents to ensure its integrity.

Document indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If client requires it, documents would be brought under an indexing and character conversion process for a better labeling and consulting.

Document management

With our software development area, our client will dispose an interface for the integration of digitized documents to their internal document management systems, or, we can provide our document management system, a flexible and precise tool for file management.

Why digitize documents?

Some advantages:

  • educe paper and storages expenses.
  • Preserve the content of your physical files, even facing contingencies or natural disasters.
  • Reduce file search times and prolongs the lifespan of the information.
  • Increases the certainty in stored information.
  • How can we help you?

Don't you have storage for your digitized documents?

We offer you guard and custody of your digitized documentation:

  • Prevent data theft or loss through a cloud storage system.
  • Anytime availability.
  • Strict security measures.
  • Competitive pricing.
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